LCD HD Televisions

These televisions come with a few good and a few bad things. Most consumers enjoy the fact that they can use them as a computer monitor and a television at the same time, making them a great option for customers that need both but want to save money. Speaking of saving money, these televisions are another green option for those that prefer to be environmentally friendly.

Customers will discover that these tv’s use up significantly less electricity than their plasma counterparts. These televisions don’t have the burn in factor that customers dislike about plasma televisions either. If a person accidently leaves on a gaming console, there is zero chance that the image will be stuck on the tv screen.

On the downside, there are some slight motion blur issues with these models that customers may dislike if they prefer to watch action movies with faster movements. This can depend on the angle that someone is watching tv from too, so it’s important to consider the placement of the television before buying one of these.

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